Top 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Car for Modern Living

We live in a technology-first world. How can you make your vehicle a haven for technology use? Here are three ways to easily integrate the modern lifestyle into your vehicle.

#1 Device Integration and Cable Organization

First things first – you have to be able to charge everything in your car. If you aren’t driving a modern car, you probably have DC ports instead of USB. You could go out and buy a bunch of those clunky converters. Or you can have a multi-port USB adapter installed directly in your dashboard. You may even want one in the rear of the vehicle for passengers. Smartphone docks are particularly important for the driver, so you aren’t fumbling around with your phone while you should be paying attention to the road. Retractable cables can help keep them out of your way when things aren’t charging.

#2 Mounted Tablets

Rather than just having a screen where passengers can watch DVDs in the car, why not install tablets. This allows for the interaction we associate with modern day life and provides a better hands-on experience.

#3 Audio and Video Inputs

Most people don’t use physical media anymore like CDs and DVDs. Instead of having to go out and buy some to enjoy recreation on the road, you simply need to have a variety of audio and video inputs. USB and auxiliary inputs can turn your car’s stereo and video systems into a real multimedia machine.

The Right Installers for All Your Audio and Video Needs in San Diego

If you are looking for a local installer in the San Diego area, you’ve come to the right place. Soundiego has been helping local residents to upgrade their cars for the past 25 years. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us at 619-582-5577.

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