Top 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Car Audio System Without Spending a Fortune

Audio pros are always going to tell you that you want to change the whole system out at once so that your speakers, amps, subs, and other audio system components are working in harmony. It’s not untrue. It’s just not the only way to make improvements if you’re on a tight budget. Here are three quick upgrades you can make that will instantly improve your car audio system.

#1 Get Some New Speakers

Not all car speakers are cheap, but you don’t have to buy the top of the line speakers to improve the sound in most cars instantly. According to one major online retailer, many original manufacturer car speakers are made from paper (yes, you read that correctly). So you can just imagine what happens to those speakers when they are mounted in a door that gest slammed closed hundreds (if not thousands) of times per year. Even cheap speakers will provide a little improvement.

#2 Upgrade the In-Dash Stereo

Modern stereo systems are a part of a complex dashboard of touchscreens that control your thermostat and many other vehicle functions. But if you have an older vehicle, changing out the stereo can be an inexpensive way to get a little more from your audio system. You can even get one with Bluetooth so you can play music from your smartphone.

#3 Update Your Music Files

If your music files are crummy quality, your sound system won’t matter. The fastest and cheapest way to upgrade the way your music sounds in the car is to stop using compressed files. If you don’t have room on your phone, get a cheap thumb drive for carrying your music around and make sure your other upgrade is a USB input for your audio system.

All the Car Stereo Upgrades You Want in One Convenient Location

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