Top 3 Upgrades for Your Delivery Vehicle Fleet

Delivery services, whether it is just you or you are running a full fleet of vehicles, have special vehicular needs that other cars, vans, and trucks don’t require. Here are three essentials that every delivery vehicle should be equipped with.

  1. In-Dash GPS – You don’t want your drivers reaching for a phone to see a map. An in-dash GPS display is a vital element of modern delivery vehicles so that drivers have good directions to the drop off point as well as early warnings to avoid traffic.
  2. High-Quality Speakers – If your GPS can’t be heard clearly, that’s going to take the driver’s eyes off the road to check the map for his or herself. Protect your drivers and vehicles by using speakers that offer crystal clear quality.
  3. Vehicle Alarm System – Your fleet is your investment, so you don’t want any of your vehicles to be stolen. Plus, you need to protect the contents when a delivery is in progress. A high-quality alarm system can be the deterrent that keeps a criminal from trying to get the transported goods while a driver is stopped for a bathroom break.

Upgrading Your Delivery Fleet in the San Diego Area

If you need to add any or all of these features to your fleet of vehicles (whether 1 or 100), contact Soundiego today by calling 619-582-5577. We offer the highest quality of car audio and GPS products and installation for San Diego and the surrounding neighborhoods. You can also fill out our online contact form to request a quote online.

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