Tips for Buying the Best Subwoofer for Your Car Audio System

If you don’t have the right sub for your car audio system, people may not even realize you’ve upgraded it. How can you choose a subwoofer that will wow your passengers and ensure that you enjoy your music to the full? Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect sub.

  • Select the correct sub type – There are a number of types of subs, and your circumstances will determine which one is right for you. For example, a raw subwoofer is usually going to offer the best overall performance, but it will need to be installed in the proper enclosure, and you will have to pair it with the proper amp. On the other hand, there are drop-in subs that are designed to fit in vehicles that are already designed to house a subwoofer.
  • Adding the proper enclosure – In order to get the full benefit from your sub, it will have to be installed in the correct enclosure. From a sealed box to free-air sub, you can select the cost-level that matches your budget, but keep in mind that sound quality may suffer.
  • Frequency range – Bass notes are measured in smaller numbers. Since humans only hear down to about 20 Hz, you may not see a need to get a sub with a lower response than that. However, you can feel notes that go all the way down to 4 Hz, so it depends on the overall experience you want to create.

Subwoofer Sales and Pro Installation in San Diego, CA

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