How to Take Your Car Service Fleet to the Next Level

Owning and operating a car service means making sure that you have a fleet of vehicles prepared to provide comfort for your patrons. Whether you offer no-frills pickup and drop off from the airport or high-end transport for wedding parties and business people, here are a few upgrades that your fleet would benefit from.

  • Bottled water, mints, and other amenities – It is amazing how a few simple things that won’t cost your company much can make a huge impact when it comes to customer satisfaction. A bottle of water can be just what someone wants when they’ve spent hours on an airplane. A mint may help someone keep their appetizers down on the ride home from happy hour after work.
  • GPS – True, your drivers probably have smartphones with GPS capabilities, but isn’t it safer to have it in the dashboard of all of your vehicles. Plus, if you invest in a vehicle tracking system, you can be protected against theft or even against an employee taking a joyride in one of your vehicles.
  • Onboard entertainment – Whether you want to offer tablets for passengers to surf the web or just a place to plug in and charge a phone, your audiovisual options can make a huge difference to travelers.

San Diego’s Fleet Upgrade Specialists

Whether it is 1 vehicle or 100, a car, a limo, or a party bus, Soundiego is the place to call. To learn more about how we can offer custom improvements to your fleet of vehicles, call 619-582-5577, or you can request a quote online.

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