Features You Want in Your Next Car Alarm System

Modern car alarms do a whole lot more than make an annoying sound if someone opens the door without a key. Here are some of our favorite car alarm system features.

  • Panic Button – To defend yourself from a carjacking, some of the top alarm systems now have a panic button that will lock the ignition. You’ll still have to get out and give the perp your car if he or she has a gun, but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing the thief won’t get very far.
  • Shock Sensors – Have you ever come out a store and realized someone bumped your car? Wouldn’t you have liked to have found out while the other driver was still there? Now you can thanks to shock sensors that will alert you if your car is moved in any way, even if it is something as simple as the driver next to you opening his car door into yours.
  • Visual Remote – Your remote acts as a heads-up display so you know what is being tampered with in real-time. If a door or the trunk is unlocked or a particular part of the car has been bumped, you will be alerted right away and you will be able to see where the infraction occurred.
  • Real-Time Security Alerts – Get a notification if anything on your car has been tampered with or if the alarm itself has been tripped.

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