Car Audio and Video Systems: True or False Quiz

How much do you know about car audio systems? Our quick quiz will help to confirm some truths and dispel some myths that surround car audio and video systems. See how many you already know the answer to.

LED Screens Are Better for Car Entertainment Systems than LCD Screens

True. First of all, LEDs use a lot less power, so that means less strain on your battery and alternator. Second, LED screens can be made much thinner, so they are great for fitting into any location in the car. The only real downside to an LED screen can be the viewing angle, so it is all about placing screens in the right location for passengers.

Unless I Have Super Hearing, I Won’t Notice the Difference in Audio

False. Unless you are half deaf, you’re going to be able to tell the difference between a good audio system and a great audio system the second a song begins to play. Even if all you listen to in your car is talk radio and audio books, words are going to be much clearer when you have professional speakers and other stereo equipment.

Tweeters Should Be Placed Close to My Other Speakers

True. Sound travels fast, but not that fast. You may actually hear the difference if you are a few feet closer to your mid-range speakers than your tweeters.

Speaker Wires Need to All Be the Same Length

False. Electricity is faster than sound. Way faster. While it only travels about 1/100 of the speed of light, it is traveling at nearly a million times the speed of sound. You can have a foot of speaker wire on one side of your car and fill the door with it on the other side, and you would never notice the difference.

San Diego’s Car Audio and Video Experts

At Soundiego, we have the knowledge and experience to outfit any sort of vehicle with the most modern video and stereo systems. To get started on your car entertainment system, give us a call today at 619-582-5577 or request your quote online through our website.

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