Car Audio Facts and Myth

There is a lot of good information about car audio systems online, but some of the information you find just isn’t true. You can have the same thing happen when the boys are just standing around talking about audio systems. Here are a few facts and myths about car audio systems.

  • Your car door speakers can offer good sound quality – This one is a fact. The door is rarely the problem when it comes to sound quality; it is the speaker that is in the door. The main problem is that you don’t want a directional speaker in a car door unless you keep your ears on your legs. As long as you stick to mid tones in the door, you shouldn’t have a problem.
  • The cone size on your speakers can vary – This one is a myth, at least if you want balanced sound. If you don’t care if all you can hear is the bass, then your sub cone can be huge and tweeters can be tiny.
  • The grills on door speakers kill the sound quality – Another myth, this usually comes down to the quality of the speaker in the door once again. Another thing to consider is wavelength. Sounds with a long wavelength won’t be affected by those grills.

San Diego’s Car Audio Specialists

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