Boost the Aesthetics of Your Rideshare Service with These Auto Upgrades

Regardless of the rideshare service you drive for, customer reviews are important to your earnings. How can you provide a great experience every time? Here are a few vehicles upgrades your passengers will really appreciate.

  • Charging ports – If a passenger gets into your vehicle with low battery on his or her cell phone, a charging port accessible to backseat passengers will make you a hero.
  • Audio inputs – You can’t anticipate the musical tastes of each of your passengers, but you can offer to let your passengers be their own DJ if you have accessible audio inputs in the back. If you upgrade your car’s sound system, that makes this an even nicer feature.
  • Amenities – From napkins and tissues to mints and gum, there are a bunch of other simple amenities that you can provide for passengers to make the ride more comfortable. A few other suggestions include tiny bottles of water and vomit bags for passengers who are getting a ride home from the bar (which are also convenient for you as far as cleanup is concerned).
  • Window Tinting – Give your passengers a little anonymity by having your rear windows tinted.

Improve Passenger Experience and Enjoy Your Vehicle More

The right upgrades will both improve the experience of your passengers and result in you getting more enjoyment out of your car when you are off duty. For audio upgrades, video systems, car alarms, and professional tinting, San Diego drivers look to the experienced techs at Soundiego. To get your car upgraded, give us a call at 619-582-5577, or you can request a quote online.

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