5 Ways to Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

There are two things that attract a thief to a vehicle. The first is the car itself. Some models are stolen far more often than others, and the reason is usually that the particular make and model can be broken down into parts and sold off easily. The second factor is how easy the car is to take. In a vulnerable state, the car is just as likely to be taken for a joyride as it is to be stolen by a pro. Here are five ways to protect your ride.

  1. Lock your doors, even when you’re behind the wheel – This makes it tougher for a thief to get into the car and decreases the likelihood of becoming the victim of a carjacking.
  2. Don’t leave your keys in the ignition – If someone sees your keys in the ignition, even if they didn’t intend to steal your car that day, they may change their minds simply because the opportunity has presented itself.
  3. Never leave the car running – Even if you think your car is safe in your own driveway, leaving the vehicle running without someone present is never a good idea.
  4. Stay in well-lit areas – Thieves don’t want anyone to see them steal a car. Parking in brightly lit and well-traveled areas will decrease the risk of theft.
  5. Have an alarm system professionally installed – A modern car alarm system can do everything from alerting you if someone gets into your car to helping the police track it down if someone does steal the car.

Get Your Car Protected with Professional Car Alarm Sales and Installation

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