5 Upgrades That Actually Boost Your Resale Value

The fact is that most vehicle upgrades only matter to you, so when it comes to selling your car, another driver probably won’t go over book value to compensate you. However, there are a few exceptions to that rule. Here are 5 modifications that may actually help you to sell your car at a premium.

#1 Use High-Quality Tires

You don’t want to buy new tires just to sell a car, but if your tires are fairly new when you are ready to part ways, having high-end tires will actually make a difference in what people will pay for the car. You may be able to get a few hundred dollars extra from a driver who will be happy knowing there are tens of thousands of miles of tread left.

#2 Tint the Windows

If someone doesn’t want tinted windows, this won’t matter to them, but most drivers will be happy to have a car that doesn’t get as hot inside on a summer’s day. Plus, tinted glass can provide extra security which may be important to someone who wants to add an upgraded stereo (or if there is already one in the car).

#3 Racing Seats and Harnesses

Not everyone will value these at first glance, but anyone who has ever experienced the comfort of driving in a car with upgraded seats and harnesses will be happy to shell out a few hundred dollars extra to get them.

#4 New Floor Mats

No one wants a car with worn out rugs. Keep your car’s carpet clean with floor mats. Then clean or remove the floor mats when you show the car to a prospective buyer. Floor mats are dirt cheap and a great way to keep your car’s value from plummeting due to mud and stains.

#5 Upgrade to LED Lighting

Worn out headlights make a car look old. If you are going to replace your headlights, be sure to upgrade to LEDs since they provide lots of safety and visibility advantages. Keeping the headlights clean will allow you to get top dollar for your car because it shows you take good care of the details.

Of course, for any modification to improve car value it has to be installed properly. That’s why San Diego drivers trust Soundiego to install car audio and video systems, interior and exterior LED lighting, window tint, car alarms, and more! Call us today at 619-582-5577.

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