5 Reasons to Add an Alarm System to Your Car

The one thing you always hear someone say after they become a victim of a crime is, “I never thought it could happen to me.” If you have ever caught yourself thinking that in connection with your car being broken into or stolen, now is the time to take precautions rather than after the first time it happens. Here are 5 reasons to add an alarm system to your car.

  1. Prevent Theft – If someone is looking for a quick steal, an alarm system makes your car less of a target.
  2. Break-In Deterrent – Of course, you shouldn’t be leaving anything in plain view to entice thieves to break in (window tint can help with that). But you also want to deter a criminal from breaking into your car with the hope that he or she will find something of value. An alarm can be that deterrent.
  3. Recover Your Car – If someone does steal your ride, having an alarm system with built-in GPS makes it far more likely that the police will recover your vehicle before it ends up becoming spare parts.
  4. Remote Start – Start your engine from the comfort of your home and jump in after it has already warmed up on a cold and rainy winter day.
  5. Reduce Insurance Premiums – Your car insurance company will offer you a reduced rate for having an alarm system installed, so you recover a portion of the cost.

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