5 Elements to a Better Car Audio System

You don’t have to upgrade your entire car stereo system at the same time to eventually have the system of your dreams. Here are 5 elements to an upgraded audio system. You can replace these elements in stages to keep the project affordable.

  1. The Head Unit – In older cars, replacing the factory stereo can offer an instant improvement in sound quality and update your car to have modern inputs. You may need to skip this step if you have a modern car with the stereo built-in to a dash display that controls everything from the climate controls to your GPS.
  2. Car Speakers – Factory speakers are rarely made from quality materials. Then they get stuffed into the doors where they are kicked all the time. They wear out quick and just about any replacements speaker will sound better.
  3. Amplifiers – The right amplifier can give your audio system the power it needs to meet its full potential, both when it comes to volume and clarity.
  4. Subs – Whether you have one individual sub or a box, it is time to turn your bass up to the next level.
  5. Dedicated sub amp – When it is finally time to provide your sub with enough power to create that satisfying thump, you will want to add an amp that is dedicated to just powering your sub.

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