5 Easy Ways to Make Your Car More Secure

The last thing anyone wants to see when heading to a parking lot or street parking is a missing car or a broken vehicle window. We are going to look at 5 ways to protect your ride from theft, break-ins, or vandalism.

#1 Lock the Doors

Even in your own driveway, your car doors should always be locked. It’s not worth the headache of a stolen car to skip clicking lock when you get out and unlock to get in, even if you are only planning to be away from the car for a few minutes.

#2 Tint the Windows

If no one can look right in your car and see something they want, there’s no reason to smash a window. Tinted windows help when you accidentally leave something out on the backseat that would have tempted a criminal into attempting a smash and grab.

#3 Don’t Leave Windows Open

That includes the sunroof. If someone wants to get into your car bad enough, that little opening will be all he needs. Plus, leaving the windows open defeats the purpose of tinting them to keep out prying eyes.

#4 Smart Keys

More modern cars are equipped with smart keys that cannot be duplicated. If you are shopping for a new car, see if this is an available option.

#5 Have an Alarm Installed

Modern alarms do so much more than just make noise if someone brakes in. Proximity alarms can send a message to your smartphone if someone so much as grazes your car with a shopping cart. GPS may even help the authorities to recover the vehicle.

Professional Car Alarm Installation in San Diego, CA

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