5 Car Alarm Components You Should Know About

Some people want to protect their vehicle but have never done much research on car alarms. With that in mind, we compiled this list of five essential car alarm components. This will help you to appreciate what you are getting when you buy a high-end car alarm and have it professionally installed.

  1. The Control Unit – This is the brain of the alarm system, and it controls all of the other components, including ones that didn’t make this list. Each component is connected to the control unit, so a battery backup is vital so that a thief can’t just detach it from the car’s battery.
  2. The Siren – Car alarms are best known for the noise they make. It is usually far louder than the horn on the car itself, so it’s more than just the sound your car makes when you hit the panic button.
  3. Tilt/Shock Sensor – This detects impacts with your vehicle. The person next to you in the parking lot at the grocery store can’t get away with tapping your car and not leaving a note if everyone in the parking lot is turning around to see why your alarm is going off.
  4. Door Sensors – Whether someone tries to open a door, the trunk, or even the hood latch, these sensors set off the alarm so it is clear that someone is tampering with your vehicle.
  5. Remote Starter – Most car alarms also will start your car remotely. This is a nice little convenience bundled in with the safety features.

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of car alarm features. To learn more, speak with a member of our team at Soundiego. For the best car alarm systems and installation in San Diego, call us today at 619-582-5577, or request a quote online.

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