4 Ways to Keep Your Car Windows Clean and Intact

You probably don’t spend a whole bunch of time worrying about the windows of your car until one breaks. Then it suddenly seems to be the most important part of the vehicle. We’re going to give you four tips for keeping your car windows looking great and to minimize the risk of breakage.

  1. Have the windows tinted – Tint protects the glass from the heat by reflecting back the sun’s rays. It protects the interior of your car, but also the glass itself which can be weakened if it absorbs too much heat.
  2. Find shady parking – If you can’t park your car in a garage or some other form of covered lot, at least try to avoid parking in direct sun during the heat of the day. Avoiding extreme temperatures is important for glass.
  3. Don’t use ammonia – The old standard was for glass cleaners to be ammonia-based. It was supposed to get the glass cleaner and leave fewer streaks. But ammonia breaks down tint, no matter how high-quality the tint is or how good the installer is. White vinegar is a safer way (for the glass and for you) to create the same clean, streak-free
  4. Don’t slam the doors – Repetitive slamming of car doors can eventually take their toll on glass. The next thing you know, that tiny rock kicked up by a passing truck creates a crack rather than glancing harmlessly off the windshield. Remind your passengers not to slam their doors either.

Your Window Tint Installation Experts in San Diego

If you want to make your windows more aesthetically pleasing and protect your car from the sun’s rays, give Soundiego a call at 619-582-5577. We’ve been helping drivers in the San Diego area to get the full benefits of professional car window tint installation for the past 25 years. You can also stop in at our convenient brick and mortar location or request a quote online.

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