4 Things Your Luxury Party Bus Must Have

If customers are going to be paying luxury party bus rates, they will expect luxury party bus amenities. Here are four things that your party bus absolutely must have to keep patrons happy.

  • The Big Screen – There should be a massive screen that is visible to the entire cabin. This gives the partiers the opportunity to have a shared multimedia experience.
  • Additional Screens – Besides the main screen, each station (table, seating area, etc.) on the bus should have its own smaller screen. This is good for passengers who don’t have a decent view of the main screen or far parts of the evening where the group is checking out their own entertainment.
  • Powerful Sound System – The sound system has to be on par with any nightclub the partygoers have ever been to because that’s basically what a party bus is: a nightclub on wheels with an invitation-only guest list.
  • LED Lighting – The right lighting sets the mood. Too dark and no one will be able to see what is going on, but too bright and the party bus turns into a high school dance. Even the right color lighting is a must for setting the mood, especially when dancing is involved.

Get Your Party Bus Outfitted in Southern California

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