4 Important Features of Modern Car Alarm Systems

Older car alarms were all about making as much noise as possible when someone opens the car door without using the key. Modern car alarms are about convenience and enhanced security measures. Here are four important features to look for in a modern car alarm system.

  1. Real-time alerts – You may not be close enough to hear your alarm go off. Plus, many car alarms sound the same. Modern systems will send you a real-time alert if your alarm has been tripped and you can look at a heads-up display to see what part of the car is actively being tampered with.
  2. Shock sensors – One of the worst experiences about being a car owner is when you come out of a store and see a new ding. Whether someone hit your car with a cart or their own car door, shock sensors can alert you so that you have a shot at catching the person.
  3. Ignition lock – Whether your car has been stolen from its parking spot or you are the victim of a carjacking, being able to lock the ignition means that the perp isn’t going anywhere while you have the police try to track down your vehicle.
  4. GPS – A stolen car used to be gone for good. Now, thanks to GPS, you have a shot at getting it back. This is especially true if your alarm GPS has its own battery backup so that even detaching it from the car battery won’t cause the GPS to turn off.

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