3 Tips for the Best Motorcycle Audio System

Soundiego has the experience to help you design and install the best audio system regardless of the type of vehicleFrom cars and SUVs to limos and party buses, most vehicle owners in the area have heard of us. But did you know that we also provide high-quality stereo systems for motorcycles?  

Here are some of our favorite tips for motorcycle stereo systems. 

  • Bluetooth is a must  You don’t want wires dangling from your phone or mp3 player when you are riding your bike. Connecting your music via Bluetooth allows you to keep your device safely tucked away.  
  • Keep it waterproof – When you are outfitting the sound system on a boat, everyone thinks of this, but for some reason, they forget with a motorcycle. Your sound system will be exposed to the elements, so you need all of your components to be completely weather sealed if they are going to last. 
  • Speaker placement is crucial – You want quality sound that you can enjoy while you ride. Poor speaker placement is just going to play your music for everyone else on the road and leave you listening to noise from the road or your engine.  

Your Source for Motorcycle Stereo Upgrades in San Diego  

Soundiego has the professional experience that you want in your corner for the design and installation of an upgraded motorcycle audio system. Contact us today at 619.582.5577 to get your project started, or you can request a quote online

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