3 Great Reasons to Install a Video System in Your Vehicle

If you have been considering upgrading the head unit in your vehicle to include video, there are a lot of reasons to go for it. Here are three of the top reasons you want a screen in your dashboard.

  • GPS – Having your navigation in your dashboard allows you to see the directions without taking your eyes way off the road to check a smartphone. It’s great for when you don’t have a passenger in the car. Plus, when the GPS is part of your car audio system, you get loud and clear instructions over the speakers.
  • Back-up camera – If you want to have a back-up camera installed, you will need a place to be able to see the view being transmitted by the camera. Having it built into the dash means that you don’t have to stick some sort of display on your dashboard.
  • Road trips – More people are traveling by vehicle than airplane during the pandemic. If you are on the road with your family, they will appreciate having the display to distract them from the long journey. Just be sure not to let yourself get distracted. In fact, while you are having a video system installed anyway, you may want to have screens placed in the back of the car for the kids to enjoy while you use the main screen for GPS.

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