3 Factors That May Be Impacting Your Speaker Quality

One of the first things a person will usually want to change when they upgrade a car stereo system is the speakers. This may be simply to get clearer or more powerful sound. However, it may also be because the old speakers don’t sound right anymore. They may make a cracking or popping sound, be too quiet, or perhaps make no sound at all. What could be the problem?

  • Too much bass has damaged the speaker – Factory systems aren’t meant for cranking up the bass. If you are turning up the bass equalizer on your factory system, it won’t be long before you start to hear some distortion. A permanent rattle may eventually set in.
  • A bad channel – Your speaker problem may not have anything to do with the speaker at all. If you just have one speaker that isn’t working anymore, then the problem may be with the factory amp. If a channel is starting to go bad, the sound may cut in and out, leading to silence from that speaker once it goes completely.
  • Heat damage – If the speakers are not placed and housed properly, the sun and heat can actually damage the cone of the speaker. This would cause distortions in sound.

Get Your Speakers from the Pros

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