3 Things You Need to Know About Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting can add a stylish appeal to your ride and provide you with a little bit of anonymity (particularly for your backseat passengers). However, there is more to window tinting than you may realize. Here are three things you should know if you are thinking about getting the windows tinted on your car.

  • You want high-quality tint – Tint comes in different grades. If you tint your own windows, you have to watch out for this if you find a bargain. If you go to a professional installer, you should always get a high-quality tint.
  • You need a modern tint – Besides quality, there are also updated ways of making tint. Modern tints won’t turn purple or bubble up. However, there are also in between tints that use a metallic compound to prevent the discoloration and bubbling. These tints can mess with your cell phone reception in the vehicle.
  • Tinting laws vary from state to state – The good news is that states respect each other’s tint laws, so as long as your tint is legal in the state where your vehicle is registered, you should be okay even if you drive to another state where your tint is not usually allowed. Your installer can let you know what is legal in your area.

Professional Car Window Tinting in Southern California

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