3 Things You May Not Know About Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting looks cool, keeps the inside of your car cool, and it’s a great way to upgrade your ride. Those things are pretty well known. But there are a few things about car window tinting that you may not realize. Here are three lesser-known facts about window tint for cars.

  • Old car tint may mess with your signal – Remember back in the day when tint would turn purple over time? Manufacturers fixed that by adding particles of metal to the dye. It stopped the tint from turning purple, but it also blocked radio signals. If you bought an old car with aftermarket tint and your cell phone does work well while you drive, that’s probably the reason. Fortunately, manufacturers have now figured out how the fix the problem without messing with signals.
  • You can get your car tinted in any state, but the legality of the shade or color of tint differs from state to state. Fortunately, states respect one another’s laws, so if your plates say California, you can drive anywhere as long as you abide by California’s tint laws.
  • There are different qualities of tint. You can get by with a cheaper tint, but it may scratch easier and you could lose some of the primary benefits like UV protection. The better the tint, the more benefits you can expect.

Get Your Car Professionally Tinted

The one thing tint manufacturers haven’t been able to perfect is a tint that goes on perfectly every time, even when applied by an amateur. That’s why you want the pros at Soundiego to apply your car window tint for you. To get a quote for your custom tint job, call us today at 619-582-5577, or you can submit our online form.

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