3 Myths About Car Audio Wiring

Car audio systems have many expensive and technical components, but it may come down to one of the simplest and cheapest components that determines whether or not the system will sound as good as you hoped. Here are three myths about car audio wiring.

Myth #1 – The Wiring Isn’t that Important

Different wires have varying frequency responses just like amplifiers and speakers do. If your wires can’t send the highest highs and lowest lows, you won’t hear them, no matter how expensive the rest of your audio system is.

Myth #2 – Only an Audiophile Will Notice the Difference

If you listen to music in your car, or even audiobooks, you’ll notice the difference. You may not be able to put words to why you like the sound more if you are just a casual listener, but you will definitely notice the difference.

Myth #3 – I Just Need the Right Gauge Wiring

Wire gauge is important. Not enough copper and you can’t power the sound system. You won’t get poor sound quality – you’ll get no sound at all. But the gauge of the wire is not the factor that will determine how good the speakers sound.

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