3 Car Audio Myths Debunked

There are a lot of people who think they know car audio well, and maybe some of them do. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation gets passed around, especially on the Internet. That’s why we wanted to write this article debunking 3 car audio myths.

Myth #1 – I Don’t Need to Upgrade My Car Stereo Because I Only Listen to Classical (or Jazz, Blues, Opera, etc.)

A car audio system is going to improve every type of music. It’s not just for people who like rock or hip hop. You’re going to get a better sound from a bass drum, double bass, tuba, or bassoon from a sub than your standard car speakers. The same thing is true with high sounds coming from tweeters. Your flute, triangle, and mezzo-soprano voices are all going to sound best on an upgraded system.

Myth #2 – I Can’t Upgrade My Car Audio Because Climate Controls Are Built In

Really, this only affects your ability to upgrade the head unit itself. You can still modify the speakers, amplifier, and power supply. Adding subs and tweeters won’t mess with your factory climate controls if the installer knows how to add speakers without disconnecting vital climate control wiring.

Myth #3 – There’s No Place to Put a Sub in My Car

There’s a place to put a subwoofer in any car. We can find a place for a sub on a boat, an ATV, or any other type of vehicle. Even if you are driving a tiny sports car, you can get a small but high-powered sub to fit into a box or even a door panel if necessary. Don’t sacrifice low tones due to space concerns.

The Right Car Audio Installer Is the Key Element

If you are looking to upgrade your car audio in San Diego, one of the most important things to look for is an experienced installer. A custom audio system can take care of all of the above concerns and more. With nearly a quarter century of experience, Soundiego is the custom audio installer that San Diego car owners trust. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call 619-582-5577 today!

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