3 Car Alarm System Myths You Need to Know About

Is protecting your car even that important anymore? Are car alarm systems more trouble than they are worth? We’re going to look at three car alarm system myths that show why you need to think about having an alarm system installed in your vehicle.

Myth 1 – Car Alarm Systems Are Annoying Because Every Little Bump Sets It Off

Unless you purchase a car alarm with a proximity sensor, it should take a pretty good jostle to set your car alarm off. Modern alarm systems can be set to a sensitivity where you will be alerted if someone taps your car in the parking lot with a shopping cart. They can also be set so that you don’t run to the window every time one of your kids bounces a basketball off the hood by accident.

Myth 2 – It Is Easier to Steal and Older Car Than a Newer One

First of all, this straight up false. Some older vehicles have locking mechanisms that are actually tougher to open than ones on newer vehicles. Second, you may run into a more motivated thief. Sure, older cars are stolen more frequently, but your new sports car may seem too good to pass up. Also, not every thief wants to take your car. Some just want to smash and grab good stuff inside, and a nice new car seems more likely to have an upgraded stereo, GPS, or maybe some fancy sunglasses in the glove box.

Myth 3 – Modern Luxury Cars Are a Prime Target

Some of the most stolen vehicles are 20 years old because older Hondas both retain their value and can be sold off for parts because plenty of owners have hung onto their vehicles for decades. That doesn’t mean you can leave a new Lexus or Audi unprotected. It just means you can’t leave your old car completely unprotected either.

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