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Adding a Sound System to Your ATV

ATVs are already fun and loud, so it’s only a natural progression to think of adding a custom stereo system. If you are ready to upgrade your ATV, here are a few considerations. How Will You Provide Your Music? For car audio systems, it makes sense to have multiple ways to input music. However, you’re probably not taking a CD

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5 Features You Want Your Car Alarm System to Have

Modern car alarms are so much more than just a way to protect your car from theft. However, whether you are looking for modern conveniences or theft protection, there are some car alarm features we think you should give priority to. Here are five car alarm features you should want, some of which you may not have known exist. Starter

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3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Audio Installation

Do-it-yourself projects around the house can be a great way to gain a feeling of accomplishment and save a few dollars in the process. However, there are some situations where trying to take care of it yourself instead of hiring a professional is a bad idea. Car audio installation is one of those times. Here are 3 reasons to hire

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Caring for Tinted Windows Properly

Are you ready to have the windows tinted on your vehicle? Perhaps you are hoping to keep out some of the sun’s hot summer rays, protect your car interior from UV radiation, or make it tougher for criminals to see what you have in the vehicle. Those are all great reasons for tinting. However, you still need to have the

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3 Types of LED Lighting for Car Interiors

LED lighting can brighten up the inside of your vehicle and provide a modern flair. What type of LED lighting is right for your vehicle? Here are 3 types of LED lighting to consider. Using Warm LED Lights to Create a Luxury Feel LED lighting with warm colors creates a feeling of comfort and harmony. You can take an older

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